TRACERCO Diagnostics

Do you want an installed method of regularly assessing the operation of your distillation tower, reducing operating costs and reducing shutdown time?

To meet the changing needs of our customers the Tracerco research and development team has designed an alternative technique to conventional tower scanning. The TRACERCO Diagnostics™ RapidScan technology combines sophisticated wireless detector capability with an easy to install permanent scanning guide wire system.

The TRACERCO Diagnostics™ Tower Scan method has been used for over 20 years by many major chemical and refining companies around the world. The combined data acquisition software from these techniques coupled with TRACERCO Diagnostics™ RapidScan hardware increases efficiency and reliability of scan data by providing fast, consistent data acquisition from fixed orientations. The service allows repeatable tower scanning that can quickly evaluate mechanical or process related problems offering plant personnel a cost effective process diagnostics solution to optimize or troubleshoot tower performance. Even columns with limited or zero ladder access do not pose an obstacle following installation of a TRACERCO Diagnostics™ RapidScan system.

  • Improved Accuracy - the scans will use a fixed orientation so repeat scans are guaranteed to utilise identical geometries
  • Better Data Reliability – data will not be affected by weather conditions (wind)
  • Increased Safety – all scanning operations will be from ground level with no need to climb the tower, eliminating workingfrom heights
  • Greater Cost Savings – after initial setup, the high costs of scaffolding or cranes for columns that have inadequate or no access is eliminated
  • Enhanced Efficiency – reduces time needed to conduct a scan lessening the burden on operations to hold column at set conditions

The capabilities of conventional tower scanning are not lost. In fact, the TRACERCO Diagnostics™ RapidScan system potentially improves our ability to diagnose more subtle process changes by stringently controlling and eliminating variability in scan line orientations and paths.

Features Identified

  • Tray damage
  • Liquid maldistribution/blockages in packed beds
  • Tray liquid loading
  • Jet and liquid stack flooding
  • Packing damage
  • Distributor performance
  • Presence and density of foam

All of the stainless steel pulleys and bracket work will be attached to the existing structure using insulation bands utilising the ‘band-it’ system. No welding or direct attachment to the column walls is required; hence the vessel pressure envelope will not be affected.

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